Integrated2013 is more than just a conference. On this page you will find more information about several activities related to the conference, whether organized on or off the deSingel campus. If you are planning to stay for more than two days –which we strongly recommend– here is your visiting programme to Antwerp! Keep you posted!

After-party at the Petrolclub

Graphic battle! Official Integrated2013 after-party on Friday 25 October 2013 from 22:00. With squads of weird graphic designers vj-ing the whole night!

Venue: Petrolcub, Antwerp.

Free entrance for Integrated2013 participants.


Bring Your Own Beamer

BYOB comes to Antwerp for the very first time! Rafaël Rozendaal came up with the idea and shared it with the world. The concept is simple: Artists are invited to come and beam their creations. Pristine white walls to beam on and electricity are provided by the host. This results in a mix of visuals and sounds, which you have to experience for yourself.

Be there on 9 november at MuHKA(top floor)

SO, if you want to beam your creations, then pack your projector and contact Linde Luyten with a short explanation of the work you will be projecting.

If you want to experience a night during which the possibilities of projecting moving and still images, sounds, colors and performance is explored, you are invited to come and see the show.