Eike König - Hort (DE)

Hort — a small Berlin based graphic design studio made up of a mixed bag of uniquely selected, creative and  spirited people. Throughout its existence Hort has been a constant pioneer in reinventing the visual language of contemporary graphic design. Hortʼs ongoing experimental enthusiasm has inspired many budding young designers, found its way as an influential source amongst contemporaries and has been featured in countless publications.

When away from his Humble Hort Hub, founder Eike König takes on the role of mentor. He is currently the Professor of Graphic Design and Illustration at the HfG University of Arts, Offenbach, Germany. He has also led numerous creative workshops locally and internationally and conducted lectures at various universities around Germany. His knowledge and experience has taken him as far as South America and Australia, sharing his stories with different audiences at acclaimed design conferences. Hort's hard work finally paid off last year, being awarded Germany's Visual Leader of the year 2011 by the Lead Academy.