Julien Vallée & Eve Duhamel (CAN)

Julien Vallée is a designer and art director living and working in Montreal, Canada. He has worked for Google, Lacoste, Coca-Cola, MTV, AOL and The New York Times. His work has been exhibited worldwide and he received recognitions like the ADC Young Guns and Communication Arts. The first monograph on his work, Rock, Paper, Scissors : The Work of Julien Vallée, was published by Gestalten in 2011.

Eve Duhamel is a visual artist and designer living and working in Montreal, Canada. Her installation and handmade work has been used for posters, skateboards, snowboards, fashion, events and books. Her work has been exhibited in galleries from Berlin, London UK, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

Recently Julien & Eve founded their new project: Royal Bandit.
Royal Bandit is a studio that creates images and videos for events, commercials, music, fashion, posters, magazines and objects. Royal Bandit specializes in high quality, lo-fi and often handmade visuals and installations, favoring a playful and experimental approach toward work.