Nousvous (UK)

Nous Vous is a close-knit collective made up of three visual artists collaborating on a broad range of projects, including installation, group exhibitions, design, illustration, curating and participatory workshops. Nous Vous’ holistic practice is an active and ongoing exploration of collaborative processes and the relationship between art, craft and work. Visual work is rooted in drawing and printmaking informed by the aesthetics, language of applied art and design, craft techniques and the originality of outsider art. There is an emphasis on using the collective’s shared skills to push the limits of personal ability and to explore the potential of working as a group, constantly experimenting with new materials and processes. This often culminates in site-specific installations, group exhibitions and publications combining ceramics, sculpture and performance with drawing & printmaking. Working together closely on self-initiated projects or commissioned work, Nous Vous explore improvised and spontaneous processes; copying, incorporating and reacting against each other’s work to form new and unexpected outcomes which exist within the context of both visual and applied art.